For CECILIE copenhagen, it all started with a night out, with nothing to wear. A familiar situation sparked the idea that is now CECILIE copenhagen. Made from two keffiyeh scarves sewn together, 18-year-old Cecilie created an outfit. After countless compliments that night, Cecilie decided to experiment with other garments, inspired by the keffiyeh print. A characteristic keffiyeh print and new silhouettes became their well-known pieces, Shirt-O & Shirt-V + shorts. CECILIE copenhagen was established shortly after


Caroline Sills is a leading New Zealand fashion label, best known for creating designs of unwavering high quality and sophistication. Recognised for its signature look of understated luxury, only the finest yarns and fabrications are used. 


Think fashion forward feminine T shirts and sweaters, sneakers and sunglasses.  A playful label that will be everything you need for a chic weekend vibe.  Designed in New Zealand by the super clever Georgie.  Be quick - her styles are never instore for long!

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